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Does BSCS audit its smart contracts?
I want to know more about MStation's roadmap
We are thrilled to unveil the 2023 Roadmap of MStation, an ambitious plan that will boost our game to new heights and beyond the stars! Please check here: We always try to move fast and keep pivoting. This is our passion.
How to play MStation?
1. Visit The MStation website: -) Click "buy BSCS" to buy BSCS token -) Click "Play now" to play 2. Connect your wallet by clicking "connect wallet" 3. Deposit BSCS into off-chain at this link: 4. Users can mint their Spaceventures character in the “Recruit” section, and it will cost 35 BSCS to mint a random character. 5. User can join “daily work” mode and “adventure” mode Detail:
How to withdraw BSCS and BSCD to onchain
1. Visit this link: 2. Connect your wallet by click "connect wallet" 3. Enter the amount of tokens you want to withdraw 4. Click withdraw button (Withdraw fee: 15%)
What is daily work mode?
Spaceventures have their Daily Works to build and expand the MStation, in return, they could earn BSCDium (BSCD). You only need to place them in the right station, and Spaceventures will start working automatically.
What is adventure mode?
In the Adventure, the Spaceventures will defeat the invaders, challenge the Boss, and obtain rewards such as BSCD, BSCS tokens, and materials for crafting.
How to claim dailywork reward?
Choose working info to claim your adventure reward:
How to claim adventure reward?
Choose adventure-logs to claim your adventure reward:
I have recruited a spaceventure, how to level up my spaceventure?
- Each spaceventure will get a random role/score/rarity, in a form of NFT - The original summoned Spaceventures characters are all at Level 1. You need to consume a certain amount of BSCD to level up your Spaceventures. The higher level your Spaceventures is, the more BSCD you would need to level up next. You could earn BSCD through Daily Works, PVE, etc. The Level is one of the most important attributes a Spaceventure has, so it will directly increase your power and working efficiency, but it will not increase your basic data. A high-level mining task needs Spaceventures with a compatible level. You can see the BSCD requirements for leveling up here: Please note that when you upgrade your high-level Spaceventure character, there’s a possibility of failure. If you fail to upgrade, your Spaceventures character level will decrease one.
How many spaceventures can I recruit at once, and are the spaceventures different?
- The maximum Spaceventures can be minted in 1 recruit is 15 spaceventures. At present, we have 12 Spaceventure characters with 5 different roles, there will be more characters and roles unlocked with their unique talents in the near future. Check details about the roles of spaceventures here:
Do MStation spaceventures have different attributes and rarity?
- Yes. All characters are basically classified as Physical and Magical, with other attributes differences in Strength, Stamina, Vitality, Courage, Dexterity, and Intelligence. - The Rarity of the character will depend on the Total Stat of Attributes. - In MStation there are Five Rarity levels: Legendary - Epic - Elite - Rare - Common - Check details about attributes and rarity of spaceventures here:
How can I earn profit from MStation? Does the game require anything?
You could earn profit from Daily Works and Adventure (PVE) 👉 About Daily work: - Spaceventures have their Daily Works to build and expand the MStation, in return, they could earn BSCDium (BSCD). You only need to place them in the right station, and Spaceventures will start working automatically. - Different characters have different skills in work, please pay attention to the requirements in each station. The higher level a station is, the more BSCD you can earn. Check details of daily work here: 👉 About Adventure (PVE): - The Spaceventures picked up their weapons and defended their MStation! In the Adventure, the Spaceventure will defeat the invaders, challenge the Boss, and obtain rewards such as BSCD, BSCS tokens, materials for crafting. - Spaceventures need to pay some BSCD to prepare for their adventure, the required amount might be dynamically adjusted with the changes of BSCD and BSCS prices. You need one Spaceventure to participate in Adventure. When players start the combat, the system will automatically and randomly match the enemies in combat for you according to the difficulty. You don’t need to manage the fight or any skill during the combat and there will be rewards when you defeat the enemies. - At some point, you may encounter the final Boss, the hardest one in this combat, which also generates more rewards. If you lose the combat, you can only get the rewards of the previous victory. - Each Spaceventure has a limited number of adventures per day. Spaceventures of levels 1-3 can participate in the adventure 3 times a day, and the number of adventures for Spaceventures of levels 4 and above is equal to their level. The limit will be reset at 12 PM UTC. After a number of Won Matches (around 25 won matches), there's a possibility that your Heroes will be injured during the adventure. They need to take the Pills. The pills are made from Lab which will cost some BSCS and BSCDium. Use a pill then back to your adventure normally. 👉 Note: - After NFT quit daily work, it will take 24 hours to work again. - Won Matches reset to 0 if users upgrade their Spaceventure's Level. - Pills Costs will be based on current Spaceventure's Level.
Why MStation convert in-game token from MST to BSCS?
- We have made this decision because the MST contract address was attacked by unknown sources (, causing inconvenience and risks to our users. By selecting BSCS as our new in-game token, we will provide our users better security and increased interest * BSCS tokens offer a more comprehensive range of use cases and are more secure for the users to interact - Users can utilize the tokens in a wider range of scenarios, including within the BSCStation ecosystem and beyond * By changing to BSCS tokens, MStation will reach a wide range of BSCS holders looking to engage in gaming and earn rewards - This will give our users extra opportunities to earn interest as they participate in a larger community * With the switch to BSCS tokens, MStation users will have access to a larger Liquidity Pool - The larger liquidity pool provides more opportunities to gain profits using BSCS tokens. This will improve the overall user experience and make it more convenient for users to engage in the BSCStation ecosystem.
What about users who are holding MST tokens, is there any mechanism to convert to BSCS tokens?
* Token Convert mechanism - With $MST token in off-chain wallets, the system will automatically convert into $BSCS - With $MST token in on-chain wallets, you can exchange via the Swap Portal: * Swap Rate: 10 MST = 1 BSCS, * Swap Pool: 100,000 BSCS per day * Pool Refill Time: 12:00 AM UTC * The in-game BSCS Balance will be updated within 2 hours after the exchange. * The BSCS tokens will have 10% bonus after exchanged, withdraw fee is 15%
What is BSCD token? Why does the game use both BSCS and BSCD tokens?
- BSCD is the circulating token of MStation - Most in-game actions will consume BSCD, such as Leveling up the Spaceventures, PVE fee, Refill Spaceventures, and so on. - You could earn BSCD from Daily Works and Adventure, as well as trading on BSCStation Swap: - The BSCD that users pay in-game will be mostly used in burning or treasury and will be rewarded to users via activities and missions in the future. - BSCD token monthly burning will occur with the BSCS token burning event (on the 28th of every month).
Where can I see the tokenomics of dual tokens:
MStation has a dual-token system constructed BSCS and BSCD. You can check the details here:
I want to know more about MStation Referral Program? How will I get rewarded if I refer others to play the game?
- Players will earn a 10% refund with each referral once your invited friend has successfully recruited Spaceventures characters. - Give your friend your referral link and they will paste it in My Referrer section and click Bond: For example: You invited a friend and he/she spent 1,000 BSCS to recruit Spaceventures characters. As a result, you will receive 10% from 1,000 BSCS, which accounts for 100 BSCS. - All your referral rewards will be sent to your referral balances in BSCS tokens. Note: The Referral program is only active for mint, not including level up, marketplace, etc.