๐Ÿ‘พAdventure (PvE)

The Spaceventures picked up their weapons and defended their MStation! In the Adventure, the Spaceventure will defeat the invaders, challenge the Boss, and obtain rewards such as BSCD, BSCS tokens, materials for crafting.

Spaceventures need to pay some BSCD to prepare for their adventure, the required amount might be dynamically adjusted with the changes of BSCD and BSCS prices.


You need one Spaceventure to participate in Adventure. When players start the combat, the system will automatically and randomly match the enemies in combat for you according to the difficulty. You donโ€™t need to manage the fight or any skill during the combat and there will be rewards when you defeat the enemies.

At some point, you may encounter the final Boss, the hardest one in this combat, which also generates more rewards. If you lose the combat, you can only get the rewards of the previous victory.

Each Spaceventure has a limited number of adventures per day. Spaceventures of levels 1-3 can participate in the adventure 3 times a day, and the number of adventures for Spaceventures of levels 4 and above is equal to their level. The limit will be reset at 12 PM UTC.

There's a possibility that your Heroes will be injured during the adventure. Use a pill then back to your adventure, heroes.

Emerald Plains

Itโ€™s plains but not empty.

Possible Enemies: Deathant, Walkers, Giant Scorpion

Trophy: BSCD, BSCS

Copper Canyon

It gets its name from the copper-green hue of the canyon walls.

Possible Enemies: Deathant, Walkers, Giant Scorpion

Required Level: 4-10

Trophy: BSCD, BSCS

Bismuth Badlands

Coming Soon

Moonstone Mountains

Coming Soon

Getting Injured

After a number of Won Matches (around 25 won matches), there's a possibility that your Heroes will be injured during the adventure. They need to take the Pills. The pills are made from Lab which will cost some BSCS and BSCDium.

  • Won Matches reset to 0 if users upgrade their Spaceventure's Level

  • Pills Costs will be based on current Spaceventure's Level

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