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The Lock-up is for 10, 30, 90, and 360 days. The proceeds of the Lock-up will be generated in the dungeonโ€™s claimable income, which is calculated on a daily basis. This means that you need to participate in the dungeons to receive the daily claimable income.

Such as you locked up 10000 BSCS for 360 days. Your claimable income (interest) is 200 BSCS per day. The daily claim limit will be reset 24 hours after the last claim, so you need to claim the dungeon reward every day to get a higher rate of return. You may withdraw the BSCS you have locked up at the end of the 360-day Lock up period.

Note: extra earnings and claimable income are two different concepts.

APR Standard

Note: The generation time of lock-up revenue starts from the day of lock-up

Reward Rules

When you take the adventure, in addition to the normal reward, you can also get extra earnings (the current extra earnings are 50% of the basic reward). You need to lock up BSCS to increase the maximum daily extra earnings that can be received.

Each time you claim the reward, the total reward = Basic Reward + min (your claimable income, the daily maximum amount you can receive).

After receiving the reward, the extra earnings exceeding the daily limit will be forfeited and cleared.

For example, if you get a basic income of 1000 BSCS in a one-day dungeon, then you will also get additional extra earnings of 500 BSCS. The extra earnings part needs to be locked in BSCS before you can receive it.

If you claim the reward without Lock-up any BSCS, then you will receive 1000 BSCS as a total reward, and the extra 500 BSCS will be forfeited,

If you have Lock-up 10000 BSCS locks that expire in 360 days, you can receive up to 200 BSCS claimable income per day. When you claim your reward, you will get 1000 + 200 BSCS total reward and the other 300 BSCS extra earnings will be forfeited.

If you lock up 30000 BSCS , the maximum daily claimable income that can be received is BSCS, but you will receive 1000 + 500 = 1500 BSCS for this case because the upper limit of extra earnings is smaller than your claimable income.

Dungeon rewards can be claimed at most once every 24 hours. Every time you claim all the rewards, the extra earnings you gave up will be cleared.

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