On the journey to discover the Multiverse, BSCS Spaceventures discover the Bscdium Planet. Since the MST is the core governance token of MStation, our Spaceventures have a Treasury on the MStation to mint for their own MST token with the input is BSCS Token from their homeland BSCStation.
You could get the BSCS from the BSCStation Swap.
Spaceventures can convert their BSCS into MST and use that for many scenarios such as recruiting crew, leveling up, crafting equipment, etc.
The treasury has its monthly emission and will be refilled on 1st day of each month.
🔸Token Input: BSCS
🔸MST Monthly Emission: 200,000 MST
🔸Conversion rate: based on the market price
BSCS tokens that had been put in Treasury will eventually be burned in a Monthly event.
Treasury opening date: TBA